How to Perform a Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony

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When it comes to self love learning to forgive and heal yourself is a must. In order to thrive and elevate your life, you cannot constantly hold on to grudges. Also, in my opinion, you cannot fully heal a trauma either without forgiving the person that inflicted the trauma. This is why I love doing Full Moon Forgiving Ceremonies multiple times a year, if not every month. By doing these routinely, it allows any negative energy to be released which in return helps raise your vibrations to call in more joy and easier manifestations.

Full moons occur once a month, every 29.5 days to be exact, so you always have ample opportunity to perform your own forgiveness ceremony. The steps I list below are what I like to do and what works best for me, however you listen to your own intuition and feel free to add, take out, or modify steps to make it more personalized to you. The beauty of magick is that it is personal and it can (and should) vary from person to person.


So without wasting any of your time, let’s dive into it! Here is a quick list of the 2022 Full Moon Dates and times (you will have to adjust the time to your timezone).

  • January 17th - 6:48 PM EST

  • February 16th - 11:56 AM EST

  • March 18th - 3:17 AM EST

  • April 16th - 2:55 PM EST

  • May 16th - 12:14 AM EST

  • June 14th - 7:51 AM EST

  • July 13th - 2:37 PM EST

  • August 11th - 9:35 PM EST

  • September 10th - 5:59 AM EST

  • October 9th - 4:54 PM EST

  • November 8th - 6:02 AM EST

  • December 7th - 11:08 PM EST

When to Perform a Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony?

The best time to perform a Full Moon Forgiveness Ceremony is the day of the full moon. When looking at the dates above, you could perform this ceremony at the time the moon phase is “full” or up to 24 hours after the time above. So for example, the moon is “full” on December 7th at 11:08 PM EST, but the moon will still be “full” December 8th at 8:30 PM so I could perform the forgiveness ceremony then.

Do I Need All the Tools Listed in the Steps?

Absolutely not! The most important thing when partaking any kind of ceremony, ritual, or spell work is your intention. The extra tools are just to help focus the intention and give that extra kick so to speak. If you are not comfortable or don’t have access to some of the tools (ie crystals, herbs, salts) mentioned then feel free to leave them out or substitute it with what your soul leads you to use.

List of tools you need:

  • 2 Pieces of Paper

  • Envelope

  • Pen/Pencil

  • Black Salt

  • Rose Petals

  • Black Tourmaline or Obsidian

  • Rose Quartz or Amethyst

  • Incense or Sage

  • Soap


Performing the Ritual:

STEP 1: Light the incense or sage and waft the smoke around the space you will be performing the ceremony while visualizing a white light purifying the room. It is best to motion it in counterclockwise motion to banish any negative or stagnant energy. This usually only take a minute or two.

STEP 2: Gather all the tools you will use and set up a small space for you to work. The setup is completely up to you and whatever feels good. Place your crystals around you, along with a bowl of rose petals and another of the black salt. While setting up this space, begin setting the intention of love and healing energies. You can do this by speaking your intentions aloud, thinking loving thoughts quietly, visualizing a pink light around you, or whatever feels good to you.

STEP 3: Choose the person you need to forgive (this can be yourself). Use one sheet of paper to write them a purge letter of everything you want to tell them. Really write all of the pain and suffering into this letter. You want to release all the emotions you’ve been burying and put them on this piece of paper. This will be an emotional process and it’s expected to cry, don’t hold this back. Tears are physical manifestations of emotions. Crying is the manifestation of negative emotions being released from your body.

STEP 4: Add a pinch of the black salt onto your letter and begin folding it away from you to keep the salt inside then destroy the letter. While you destroy the letter be mindful that you are destroying the pain that you have just purged out of your body. How you choose to destroy the letter is up to you, however I love to go outside and burn the letter. If you cannot burn the letter, then ripping it into shreds will work too.

STEP 5: Spend time alone in meditation. If it’s helpful for you to relax, play nature sounds or high frequency sounds. Realize that everyone is doing the best they can with the traumas they have been dealt. Hurt people, hurt people and usually it’s just the pattern of their own traumas. While this doesn’t excuse people from doing terrible things, it does help us heal and forgive to move forward.

STEP 6: Grab your other piece of paper and write a forgiveness letter. Let them know you understand they were hurting and you hope they heal too. Think about how this trauma you experienced has helped shape you into the woman you are today. You wouldn’t be this strong without having this experience. Let the person know you are forgiving them for what emotional, mental, and/or physical damage they did to you.

STEP 7: Once you have finished writing your forgiveness letter, add some rose petals to the letter and it fold it away from you. Place the folded letter in an envelope and seal it. If you wrote the letter to yourself, put it away to read in a few months. If you wrote the letter to someone else you need to “send it” away from your house. You can do this by dropping the envelope in a post office drop box. Without an address the post office would just throw it away. If that doesn’t feel good to you then you can put it in a public trash bin. The whole idea is that you are physically sending the energy out of your home so you can move forward.

STEP 8: Congratulate yourself for completing the forgiveness ceremony and treat yourself to some self care!

STEP 9: (OPTIONAL) After the ceremony is complete I personally like to hop in the shower and “wash” the energy away. This is totally optional, however it gives me one more step of really making sure I have fully released any negative energies and can move forward from the situation.

Hopefully you find this helpful and will continue doing these. If you did find this post helpful, please consider sharing it with a friend, pinning it on Pinterest, or sharing it to Facebook. Be sure you do something nice for yourself today and I will catch you on the next post.


xo, Mickeeley

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